Monday, 27 June 2011

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Face Morph: Changing a young man to an old one

Start by opening a image of a young man.

Also insert an image of an old man from which we can copy the wrinkles.

Create a rectangular selection using rectangular marquee tool. Press delete to remove one half of the image. Scale rotate and place so that it becomes similar to the young man's face.

Click add vector mask from the layer palette.

Select brush tool. Start painting using black color and mask out the face area except wrinkles.

Change the layer mode to hard light.

Press Ctrl+U to open hue/saturation window. Apply settings as shown.

Create the selection of the hair coming on the forehead using lasso tool.
Press Ctrl+Alt+D to feather the selection.

Press Ctrl+Alt+D to feather the selection.

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection in a new layer. Press Ctrl+M to open curves window. Stretch the band as shown.

Remove the skin that becomes whiter using eraser tool with a small brush settings.

Repeat the above mentioned step for the other side of the face.

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