Wednesday, 29 June 2011

how to creat painting in photoshop, Human creative painting, how to create desing pictures

Human creative painting

today in our tutorial will be practicing some painting. And in general - the idea can be realized in very small period of time. So I'll doing a head of some human, but it isn't really a human, you'll see.

So let's get started with this one.

 I'll fill my background with this orange color and create a new layer after that. I'm going to fill my layer with Cyan to transparency gradient.

And here is the result of all this.

Now I will change layer mode for my gradient layer; from normal to linear light.


I've also overlaid my whole picture with black to transparency gradient with opacity set to ~ 40%.
So now I'm going to grad a smudge tool.

And do what the smudge tool magically des. You just smudge the pixels.

It really reminds me of a hair of some kind Well, if that hair let's paint a face. Create a new layer, grab a round basic brush and begin painting g the pars of the face.

Now I'm beginning to render the ear of the character. This is maybe not a good choice, because all the elements must be rendered at a time, but anyway.


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